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Flowers are a beautiful gift and Origami flowers especially so.
Each of our beautiful bouquets are hand made and tailored to your requirements.
Every bouquet is a one off design and guaranteed to be a truly unique and special gift that will last forever.

We fold our origami flowers using standard sized origami paper measuring 15x15cm and 60gsm.
This results in lilies that are about 2 inches in diameters and roses that are 1 inch in diameter.

The completed bouquets are small "hand" bouquets usually measuring no more then 10 inches diameter and 10 inches long, this is inclusive of the wrapping paper and the hand hold.

Larger bouquets can be ordered on request. (prices will vary)

Each flower is attached to a stem made from green florist wire.

There are a four wrapping options:

1. Standard, wrapped in coloured tissue paper. This option results in a more homemade looking bouquet.
2. Tied, simply hand tied with raffia, twine or ribbon. This option gives a simple and more rustic looking bouquet.
3. Kraft, wrapped in kraft paper and cellophane. This option is "shop wrapping" not "gift wrapping" and ultimately the wrapping will be disposed off and the flowers will be placed in a vase.
4. Premium is wrapped with additional elements such as fabric ribbon, rattan , midelino sticks, diamante and decorative pins.
This option gives a more impressive and glamourous looking bouquet, perfect for formal events such as weddings and proms.
There is an additional charge for premium wrapping.

Please note that the colours of the origami flowers on this website should only be used as a guide, different computer monitors and settings will affect the colours displayed.
As such I can not guarantee exact colour matches. Also the the colour shades of the origami paper I purchase can vary even within the same pack.
If you require flowers in an exact colour shade you have the option of sourcing the paper yourself and sending it to me to fold.

Please note these bouquets are fragile and are not toys and as such are unsuitable for children.


These make a perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, Valentine's day in fact any occassion but especially 1st wedding anniversaries!
The 1st anniversary is called the "Paper anniversary" and these flowers like true love will never die!



Please email me at and tell me what kind of bouquet you require.

All Bouquets are made to order as such please place your order as early as possible.

Standard Bouquets:
Tulip and lily bouquets have a 5 working day lead time.
Rose bouqets have a 10 working day lead time.

Special Order Bouquets:
Please order at least a month in advance.
A special order are bouquets that require custom text or use special paper or wrapping materials.
A 50% non-refundable deposit is taken at time of order.

Last minute orders :
If you have only just found my website and you are in desperate need of a bouquet in less then 5 days, please email me as I often have some ready made bouquets.


The cost of a bouquet will depend on the number and types of flowers you require
but as a rough guide flowers cost between £3 - £10 per stem, depending on the complexity of the flower.

Although the materials for origami flowers can be cheap it is the time required to fold them that make them so expensive.
It takes 40 minutes to fold and assemble a single New Kawasaki rose!!!

Bouquets are completed and then photos are sent to you, once you are happy with the bouquet then payment is taken.

Payment can be made using Paypal or direct bank transfer.


Bouquets are sent as soon as payment has cleared.

UK Delivery : £12.50 standard delivery can take up to 5 days to arrive.

Worldwide Delivery :
Yes, I send bouqets worldwide but please be aware that international delivery can take over 10 working days depending on your location.

International Delivery : Bouquets are sent by track and recorded delivery and prices start at £20 and will depend on location.
Please allow at least 10 days for delivery.

Please note that I cannot be held responsible for delays or problems caused by the delivery service.

Bouquets are dispatched in plain brown delivery boxes.
The Bouquet is secured to the side of the delivery box with a wire tie, this is done to reduce creasing of the tissue paper and foliage.
Please remove the wire tie before taking the bouquet out of the box.

Please note that due to the nature of the product some creasing will inevitably occur during transit.
Creases can be easily smoothed out by gently running your finger and thumb along the creases.

When a parcel is returned to us by the postal service as undeliverable we will contact you and give you one of the following options:

1. We issue a refund excluding delivery charges.
2. You can pay for a second delivery charge and select delivery to an alternate address.


If you would like to know more about these origami bouquets please contact me at:

Below are the latest bouquets I have made.
Older bouquets are displayed in the gallery.




Giant Crepe paper flower in white - £25
12inch diameter by 24in length


Complete Origami Flower Wedding Package - £350

The wedding package contains

Bride's Bouquet - One Dozen Simple White Roses with Premium wrapping

Six Bridesmaid Bouquets - Giant Crepe paper flower in white (10 inch diameter by 18 inch length)

Groom's buttonhole - Simple Large Rose Buttonholes

Wedding Party - Fourteen Simple Rose Buttonholes

Get an Origami wedding bouquet and no need to worry about them wilting on the day!



Ten Multi-Coloured Tulips
with standard wrapping - £28

Two Dozen Mixed Roses - Simply hand tied - £120

One Dozen Simple White Roses - Premium wrapping - £70

"Pompom Bouquet"
One New Kawasaki Rose and 24 tissue paper Carnations - standard wrapping - £100

Thirty Simple Roses with bespoke printing - Standard wrapping - £160


Simple Rose Buttonholes - £6.50 each


Seven Multicoloured Morning Glory flowers - Simply Hand Tied - £35
This flower was created by me and is exclusively available from Sesames.



Mixed Bouquet of 26 flowers Mixed roses, Calla Lilies and hydrangeas - Premium wrapping - £120


Twenty White Lily of the Valley - Simply Hand Tied - £48


"Every hour of the day"
24 Kawasaki Roses in Pink & White - standard tissue paper wrapping - £145

Dozen multicoloured Spiral Roses - standard wrapping - £36

Dozen multicoloured Wavy Spiral Roses - standard wrapping - £36



One dozen Sesames Twist Roses in Red pink and White - standard wrapping - £60
This Twist Rose was created by me and is exclusively available from Sesames.


8 Peony Roses and 4 Morning Glories in White - standard wrapping - £60


"Happy Poppy Bouquet"
one dozen "Happy" poppies - standard tissue paper wrapping - £50

Single simple kawasaki rose wrapped with tissue paper and cellophane - £8.00

28 Mixed Roses bouquet - Simple Kawasaki Roses, Kawasaki Rosebuds, Weber Roses, Twist Roses and Carmen Curler roses
in Pink, White Lilac and purple - premium wrapping

Single Snowdrop in White - £4

Yellow Modular Lotus Flowers - As Is - £7 (usually £12)

7 Ivory Kusudama with custom text finished with Red Diamantes -
Simply Hand Tied - £80
Kusadama flowers are made from 5/6 seperate pieces and assembled. Usually kusadama are glue fixed m
But I have modified the butterfly kusadama flower so that it isself locking and doesn't require glue fixing.

"Romeo and Juliet"
8 Ivory Kusudama with custom text from Romeo and Juliet, finished with Diamantes -
Simply Hand Tied - £90


Seven Yamaguchi "Sunburst" Gerberas - Premium wrapping - £50


Bouquet of a fourteen mixed flowers purple, lilac white - standard wrapping - £98
3 twist roses, 4 Kawasaki roses, 4 simple roses and 3 Carmen Curler Roses.

"Seven days a week"
Seven daffodils - standard wrapping -£70

This is probably the most complex and time consuming flower I make, each one taking 45 minutes to complete.

One large pink Gerbera &16 Simple Kawasaki roses with custom printed text .
Flat heart shaped arrangement on card to be displayed in a shadow box.

Five Multi-Coloured Mixed Flowers Corsage - £23





"Two Lips Bouquet"
One Dozen Red "Angel tulips" - standard wrapping - £42


30 Pink and Yellow "Angel tulips" - Hand tied - £105

Two Dozen Blue Hydranges, 5 Lilac Lily of theValley & One White Simple Rose
Simply Hand Tied - £60


Bouquet of a dozen kawasaki roses, angel tulips and classic lilies - standard wrapping green mesh and cellophane- £75

"Every day of the Week"
7 weber roses, 8 leaves - premium wrapping - £65


One Dozen tissue paper Peonies - premium wrapping - £80

Eight Pink Simple Roses & Seven Tissue Paper Peonies - Simply Handtied - £80

Nine Simple Roses & Three Tissue Paper Peonies - Simply Handtied - £70

"The White Boquet"
Seven tissue paper Peonies, Seven Spiral Lilanthus, 6 Hydranges and 2 Carmen Curler roses - premium wrapping - £80



"Star Crossed Bouquet"
One Dozen Multi-Coloured "Star Crossed Lilies" - standard tissue paper wrapping - £32

"The Kiss Bouquet"
One Dozen Multi-Coloured "Kiss" Irises - Premium wrapping - £46

One Dozen Multi-Coloured Classic Lilies and Eight Simple Kawasaki Roses - Standard wrapping - £96

Seven classic lilies in cream - premium wrapping - £45

One Dozen Multi-Coloured "Classic Lilies" - standard tissue paper wrapping - £42

Flowers with custom printed text.
Have your wedding vows printed on each of the petals to make up your wedding/anniversary bouqet
An eternal bouquet with eternal vows!

One Dozen Mixed flowers with bespoke printed text - Hand Tied or Standard wrapping - £72

"Every month of the year"
A dozen Stargazer lilies in White - standard tissue paper wrapping - £96

OC12S - M - 313
One Dozen Multi Coloured Origami Crane Fan Bouquet - standard tissue paper wrapping - £42

Origami Crane Mobiles in multi colours - Ten cranes thread on rayon raffia - £20/chain

"Heart Fan Bouquet"
One Dozen Multi Coloured 3D Heart Fan bouquet - standard tissue paper wrapping - £48


Half Dozen Multi-Coloured Yamaguchi "Sunburst" Gerberas - Premium wrapping - £45


One Dozen Multi-Coloured "China" Orchids - standard tissue paper wrapping - £48
This Orchid was created by me and is exclusively available from Sesames


T en Multi Coloured "Ballerina" Tulips - standard tissue paper wrapping - £40
This Ballerina tulip flower was created by me and is exclusively available from Sesames.


one dozen Multi Coloured "Ballerina" Tulips - hand tied or standard tissue paper wrapping - £48
This Ballerina tulip flower was created by me and is exclusively available from Sesames.

"Something old, Somethng new, something borrowed, something blue!"
Bouquet of a fourteen mixed Roses in Blue & White - standard wrapping - £98
3 twist roses, 4 Kawasaki roses, 4 simple roses and 3 Carmen Curler Roses.


Bouquet of a dozen mixed flowers - standard tissue paper wrapping - £65

Mixed bouqets will be a random selection of whatever flowers we currently have in stock.
You will only get at most two of the same type of flower in a bouquet of a dozen stems.

Ie: the bouquet might consist of 2 Yamaguchi Sunburst gerbera, 2 kawasaki roses, 2 classic tulips , 2 classic lily, 2 happy poppies, 1 china orchid, 1 weber rose.

"The 3-6-5"
3 Ivory - 6 red - 5 Yellow
Bouquet of a fourteen mixed roses - simply hand tied - £96
3 twist roses, 4 Kawasaki roses, 4 simple roses and 3 Carmen Curler Roses.


One Dozen Simple Red Roses - standard tissue paper wrapping - £60



One Dozen Simple Roses made out of newspaper - standard wrapping - £90
Perfect for Journalists, Celebrities or eco-warriors!

One Dozen Simple Roses in blue, red and ivory - premium wrapping - £70

One Dozen Simple Roses in red and white
with wire card holder and origami heart shaped message card
premium wrapping - £72

One Dozen Simple Roses in blue and cream - premium wrapping - £70

Six Kawasaki Roses and Six Simple Roses in Red, White & Pink - standard tissue paper wrapping - £66


Six Kawasaki Roses and Six Simple Roses in Red, White & Pink with curly grass - hand tied - £66

Six Kawasaki Roses and Six Simple Roses in Red,Pink and White with custom text - hand tied - £70

Six Kawasaki Roses and Six Simple Roses in Red, White & Pink with curly grass - Premium Wrapping - £80

Ten Kawasaki Roses and Two Simple Roses in Purple, White &Lilac - simply hand tied or standard tissue paper wrapping - £70


"for every month of the year"
Dozen Kawasaki Roses - standard tissue paper wrapping - £72


10 Sesame's Bird of Paradise flowers & 8 leaves - £90
This bird of paradise flower was created by me and is exclusively available from Sesames.


Large (8cm diameter) "Carmen" Curler roses in Sun Fire colour theme with large leaves - simply hand tied - £45


9 Sesames Carmen Curler Roses - standard tissue paper wrapping - £90
Each rose is made from 5 seperate modules and assembled to form one flower.
This flower was created by me but was inspired by another curler kusudama flower.
Exclusively available from Sesames.

20 simple kawasaki roses folded from manuscript paper - special order item - £100




30 Pink & White Kawasaki Roses in a cage - special order bouquet - £188

KR30H - 30 Pink & White Kawasaki Roses in a cage

8 White Kawasaki Roses , 8 purple & lilac Eryngium, 1 dozen China orchids - special order bouquet - £168

Origami flower light chain centre pieces - Special order item.
A chain of 20 LED lit origami flowers, 3D hearts and cubes (powered by AA batteries not included)
Displayed in a 8 Inch bubble vase with decorative mesh and stems.


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