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1. Are the class suitable for me?
Classes are suitable for complete beginners through to experienced cooks.

2. How does a typical class work?
I will arrive 15 minutes before the start of the lesson to prepare.
The lesson begins with an overview of the recipes and an explaination of some of the ingredients and techniques that you will use.
Each recipe is demonstrated and then the students will recreate the dish under supervision.
The classes are conducted in a friendly and informal fasion. Questions are encouraged to ensure that you get the most information to help you recreate each dish.

3. How long does a class last?
Classes are available in 2 hour or 3 hour durations.
Longer lessons can be arranged on request.

4. Do I need to provide anything in terms of ingredients or cooking equipment?
For the class to be effective it is assumed that you will have a working kitchen with a stove, grill, microwave, pots & pans, crockery & cutlery and have a dining table or tabletop area which the participants can use to prepare the dishes.

Any specialist equipment will be provided by us. Ingredients will be supplied by us at cost and receipts will be provided.

5. Is there a maximum class size?
The maximum class size is dependent on the size of your kitchen but an average size kitchen should be able to accomodate 4-6 people.
For groups larger then 6 people you have the option of holding the lesson at our industrial kitchen located in Park Royal, London.
Please note this option will incur an additional fee for kitchen hire. Please contact me for details.

6. Is there a minimum class size?
No. I can cater for individuals but individual classes are more expensive and the ingredients will cost the same as a group lesson as a lot of the base ingredient only come in one size.
A solo class is best if you want to get the most out of the lesson but life is more fun with company and so are my classes.

7. Do we get any notes?
Yes each student gets a recipe booklet that contain all the dishes taught during the class with detailed instructions, food glossary, cooking schedule, equipment list and a list of local suppliers.

8. Which areas do you cover?
I cover London Zones 1-6.
I can travel outside of this area but I will have to charge for the additional time and travel expenses.

9. What kind of people take your classes?
The simple answer is people that like food and those that want to learn to cook.
We have students that are complete beginners through to experienced home cooks that want to learn a new cuisine.

10. I am a complete novice I can't even boil an egg! would the class be suitable for me?
Absolutely! The classes are tailored to your individual requirements.
Everyone was a beginner at some point so complete beginners are more then welcome.

11. Can you substitute ingredient that I am allergic to or do not like?
Yes, please let me know during the booking if you have any allergies or food preferences.

12. Do you do corporate, team building or Hen party events?
Yes. Please contact me for details.

13. How do I book?
Just drop me an email at and let me know what class you are interested in and what dates you would like to have the class.
Please note that bookings need to be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

14. How do I make payment?
A £10/person booking deposit must be paid by Paypal or bank transfer at least 7 days in advance.
The balance must be paid in cash on the day itself before the class starts.

15. What happens if I need to cancel the class at short notice?
If at least 48 hours notice is given then the full deposit will be refunded.
If less then 48 hours notice is given then you will forfeit your booking deposit.

16. Are the classes suitable for children?
Classes are suitable for people 16 years upwards.

17. Do I need to prepare anything for the class?
It is requested that you have a dining table or kitchen worktop cleared beforehand as this will save time and mean you can start the cooking and eating immediately.

18. Will I be able to recreate the dishes after the class?
We hope so! otherwise we've not done a very good job!
You will be given a booklet containing detailed instructions on how to cook all the dishes.
All our recipes are designed to be simple, easily understood and repeatable.
One of the main benefits of our class is that you are in your own kitchen and using your own equipment.
Having created the dish once yourself during the class, you will have gained the confidence and experience to be able to consistently repeat that recipe.
Naturally if you have any questions just drop me an email.

19. Your classes are much cheaper then other classes I have seen online. Why is that?
Even though our classes are very competitively price we do not compromise on the quality of our classes.
We are new to the industry and building up our reputation as such during the whole of 2010 our classes are priced at a big discount.

20. Why should I choose your class?
The reason is simple.
Our classes are designed to be simple, fun, repeatable and delicious.
The dishes we teach have been specially selected to have the maximum Wow! factor for the minimum of effort.
Each recipe has been researched and tested and then reduced to simplified instructions that can be followed by a completed beginner.
Learn to make Nobu signature dishes like black cod and miso or new style sashimi!
Learn to make cook sushi rice correctly and make sushi rolls!
Learn to make "real" satay sauce that doesn't use processed peanut butter!
Learn to make "real" thai green curry using fresh homemade green curry paste and not a store bought substitutes!
Learn to debone a chicken and make a ballotine or a turducken!
Learn to make a "real" tiramisu using raw eggs and doing it safely!
Learn to make French macaron using Pierre Hermes professional recipe using italian meringue!
And do it all in your own kitchen and at a price that's hard to beat!

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