Client Name South Bank Centre
Client Website South Bank Centre
Client Industry Theatre and Event Space
Project Brief

2 hour origami workshop for the team working on the show called "FOLDS"

Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room, 17 – 31 December 2013
Circus, live music, crazy contraptions and paper take over Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room this Christmas in Folds, a show by Spanish theatre company Enfila’t.
The witty and heart-warming family show comes to London as part of Southbank Centre’s Winter Festival.
Paper lies at the heart of the production and is the inspiration behind the performance, from acrobatics in a cardboard box to tight-rope walking on a line made of twisted brown paper; it even serves as a tasty snack when the cast get hungry. The performers dance, spin, fold and unfold themselves through this madcap world of paper, and also perform daring tricks on a precarious rocking-frame apparatus.
The award-winning international company comprises some of Europe’s finest circus acrobats. The four performers combine their circus-skills with performing live music. Between them they play a range of instruments, including keyboard, double bass, accordion and trombone, as well as making music with more unconventional sources